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About St Francis Xavier

St. Francis Xavier, an original founding companion of the Society of Jesus, is most honored by the Catholic Church, other Christian churches, and the Jesuit order for his missionary accomplishments particularly in India, Southeast Asia and Japan. St. Xavier ranks among the greatest missionaries in Christian history. Today, such missionary accomplishments may be challenging to appreciate in light of present day plurality, cultural relativism, and global engagement, yet a great deal can be learned from Xavier in the way he conducted his life and work with meaning and purpose. Three qualities of Xavier are highlighted which are noteworthy in today’s modern world:

  • Enthusiasm
  • Passion-driven achievement
  • Openness to the influence of others.



Our school emblem symbolises that education should be given universal coverage and reach one and all irrespective of caste, creed, colour, language, and place of birth. It further symbolises provision of adequate opportunity to the learners to climb the ladder of success and reach the ultimate goal of life. The circle of learning shall come a full round and help the learner bloom in a full fledged personality.


Our vision is to provide quality education to our students in an excellent and holistic learning environment so that they attain their highest potential and grow into better human beings.



At Xavier’s, our mission is to develop optimistic and confident individuals with supple, innovative and creative minds. We are committed to ensuring spiritual, moral, intellectual, social, emotional and physical well-being of each child and also in encouraging them to grow as responsible citizens of our nation.




  1. Integrity and Honesty
  2. Concern for Justice and Freedom
  3. Passion for Innovation and Performance
  4. Commitment and Dedication
  5. Social, Ecological and Ethical Sensitivity
  6. Respect for Individuals


“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of independence.”

Ms. Kirti TandonPrincipal

As the school opens its doors to embrace the children, we at St Xavier’s School look forward to welcome each one of them. Our foremost aim is to teach the children how to think and not what to think. These young ones will be initiated into a world of self-discovery and experiential learning and nurtured with tender, loving, care to help them grow firm and deep roots of traditions and values and reach out for the skies with their towering branches. At St Xavier’s, the students will be exposed to both scholastic and co-scholastic domains. Their holistic development will also be ensured by enhancing their cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains.

Living in a dynamic world, the importance of physical fitness cannot be undermined. The students will be introduced and encouraged to participate in both indoor and outdoor games. Numerous age appropriate activities and games have been carefully selected for the students to warrant a healthy and sporty environment and cultivate a sense of wellbeing.

We strive towards honing and refining their social and communication skills so that they become confident and expressive leaders of tomorrow. They will be encouraged to explore the world of digital technology as much as they will be stimulated by the profound world of books in a well-equipped library. Music, dance, theatre will help the students to evolve as accomplished individuals who are strong, confident, intelligent, responsible and yet humble. Upholding the torch of its alma mater, St Xavier’s will carry forward the legacy bequeathed to it.

I welcome you to explore the school in all cordiality and look forward to a positive and productive relationship in the years to come