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Teaching Methodology

St. Xavier’s has partnered with Chrysalis, a leading organization in educational reform, that focuses on awakening the Human Potential in every child. Their innovative curriculum is a pronounced shift from the current ‘Education for Job Readiness’ to ‘Education for Human Potential’

From Grades Pre Nursery to VII we follow this New Age curriculum which focuses on Language development, cognitive development, aesthetic development, appreciation of arts and experiential learning.

From Grade VI onwards we follow the CBSE curriculum.

At Chrysalis , We dream of an education system which brings out the extraordinary human potential in every child. Chrysalis is a method of education that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. It supports the learning of children from Pre-Primary to Elementary school ( Pre Nursery – Class V).

The methodology emphasizes the development of self-expression, true self-reliance, and agility in interpersonal relationships and encourages children to explore their world, and to understand and respect the life forms, systems and forces of which it consists.

Chrysalis – ThinkRoom reinvents the role that the six elements of a classroom play in a child’s education, shifting their focus from achieving mere academic excellence to awakening Human Potential :

THE SIX ELEMENTS: Please use some good visual to list these elements.