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Grievance Redressal

St. Xavier’s High School has its own Grievance Redressal System in an informal manner i.e through direct supervision of the principal. But in formal sense along with the provision of suggestion boxes, the Grievance Redressal Cell in the school was created in 2019. The function of the cell is to look into the complaints lodged by any student and judge its merit. The Grievance Cell is also empowered to look into matters of harassment. Anyone with a genuine grievance may approach the School’s Principal or address his/her grievances to the Students’ Grievance Cell. In case the person is unwilling to appear in self, grievances may be dropped in writing at the letterbox/suggestion box of the Grievance Cell placed at the Administrative Block of the school. The objective of the Grievance Cell is to develop a responsive and accountable attitude among all the stakeholders in order to maintain a harmonious and educational atmosphere in the school.

Considering the nature and depth of the grievances due inquiry is made by the members of the cell and through personal discussion the matter is solved. If anybody is found to be guilty for any kind of nuisance, immediate action is being taken by the School Management.